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netTrekker SEARCH measures websites for readability on a point scale of 1 to 5, where 1 corresponds to low reading difficulty and 5 corresponds to high reading difficulty. netTrekker SEARCH then prominently displays a score for each website, and even provides quick refinement options that allow you to click to websites of your desired readability level.

Example of a netTrekker SEARCH readability score:


netTrekker Readability Scores

The relationship between grade levels and the netTrekker SEARCH readability scores is given here:

netTrekker Readability Score
Grade-Level Readability Equivalent
 1 - 3 
   4 - 6   
 7 - 8 
9 - 10
11 - 13
See Below*

The netTrekker readability score is a composite, an average of the scores generated by four lang-standing readability formulas and the Lexile® Framework for Reading:

Additional readability scores generated by netTrekker SEARCH are reported for comparison using these common devises for measuring readability:

The documentation for the style and diction program used by netTrekker Search to generate readability scores can be found at

Viewing All Readability Measures

To view all readability measures for a website, simply click on the more_button.gif button. This button can be found on every search result.

Example of using the "More" button:


If you would like to always see the calculated readability measures directly for each search result, consider customizing your search result to include the "everything" view.

*N/A Scores

Occasionally netTrekker SEARCH is unable to calculate a readability score for a website. Learn more here.