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Searching for Images

The Image Search tool provides a quick and easy display of images that correspond to your specific search. Accessing these images also enables you to locate pertinent information on your topic of interest. To perform an Image Search:

netTrekker Search is divided into three sections that retrieve results specific to particular grade levels. Choose the appropriate view by clicking on one of the following tabs:

elem_tab.gif middle_tab.gif high_tab.gif

This will enable you to isolate the results deemed to be appropriate at this level.

In the Keyword box at the top of the page, type in a keyword that you defines or describes the image you want. Then click on "Image" in the drop-down menu next to the keyword box, and click search_button.gif. To optimize your search result, use the most specific keyword you can think of. netTrekker Search will deliver images related to your keyword.


If you aren't sure how to spell a keyword, try looking it up first in netTrekker Search's online dictionary, located in Reference Tools.


Suggested searches are provided in six different categories for each academic level. Click on Image Search in your My Tools widget to access these recommended searches. These are provided as examples for you. To view a different set of image recommendations, click on a different grade level tab, then on Image Search again.

Example: Recommended Image Searches:


netTrekker Search will provide Image Results from sites that have been approved by educators. Each Image Results page will display up to nine results and their corresponding filenames. The total number of images found for your keyword is shown in the upper right hand corner of the result.

Click on either the image itself or "View Image Details" to open a new window with the website that contains the chosen image. A thumbnail of the image appears in the frame on top of the page. Click on that to isolate the image. Please see netTrekker Search's  Image Copyright Disclaimer for information about use of these images.

Example: Image Result Page:



Performing a Grade Leap changes both the image results and the reading level of the site where the image was found.

A grade leap is designed to isolate the images that correspond to your desired search. The results vary from one grade level to the next and can be changed by clicking on Elementary, Middle, or High in the Grade Leap widget at the right of your page. The number of results available at each level is listed next to the level title.

Example: Grade Leap Widget


Searching for images also gives you access to the content where the images can be found. A frame is placed at the top of these sites that provides additional information, including a description of the website.

You can remove the frame by clicking on the "X" in the top right corner to get the information you need to create a reference to this source.

Other Images Available in netTrekker Search

For links to several free image collections, whose images are not cataloged in the Image Search, please check the netTrekker Search References section, accessible from your My Tools widget. Image collections are listed under the heading Copyright-Free and Friendly Images. Please remember to check individual websites for instructions regarding citing the sources for these images.